When it comes to soothing lawns or sports grounds, the first thing running on the mind is grass. However, grass has several disadvantages, which has caused the market to bloom with the artificial turfs. An artificial turf is a fantastic replacement for a grass layout. Recently, over a past few years, artificial turf has become very popular. If you’re new to artificial turf world, this article will tell you why the world is going crazy over it. Keep reading to learn a lot of new and exciting stuff.

Why Are People So Crazy For Artificial Turf?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why turf is so magnificent in the market. below are some of the reasons for that.

1. Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, grass needs high maintenance. You need to remove weed and trim the grass every once in a while. There’s no such issue with artificial turf. Moreover, you need to protect your grass from excess rain as it might get flooded. Artificial turf doesn’t pose such a problem.

2. No Bugs

Real grass attract bugs and that’s why people need to carry a bug spray whenever sitting on the grass. However, bugs are not attracted to artificial turf, so your turf remains bug-free all the time. installing artificial turf will let you remain protected from bugs and your garden or lawn will remain clean. Bugs also carry several diseases and you can eliminate those diseases entering your home by installing artificial turf.

3. No Soil or Dirty Stuff

Soil is essential to grow grass. But when it comes to turf, you just need a layer of soil, then sand, and then gravel to keep the turf intact and in place. The dirty part remains underneath and you get a clean and hygienic layer of turf on the top. That’s an easy way to keep you protected from soil and diseases that it carries with it.

4. No Watering or Trimming Needed

There’s no need to water the turf or trim it since they don’t dry or grow. That’s a major time saver for people as who can manage to spare time to water their garden or lawn every day? However, you will have to keep in mind the length of the turf grass while purchasing it.

5. Easy Installation

Turf is easy to install and the process is manual. It’ll barely take an hour or two assuming you’ll complete the work in a week. Turf needs to be unwrapped and kept under the sun before installation. But the process after that is super simple.

6. Lasts Super Long

Turf lasts long and you don’t have to bother buying a new one anytime soon. Grass can be damaged by bugs and other insects as they tend to eat them up. During summers, your real grass can dry up or may be bothered by unwanted weed growing in your garden. That won’t happen with an artificial turf.


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